Designing plant, machinery and buildings using the Inventor 3D CAD system not only allows a new perspective of the objects, but also creates completely new opportunities for production, maintenance, repair and documentation.

When designing, expanding or repairing objects, evaluating the right approach becomes easier and sound decisions can be taken.

K-Tech offers turnkey and partial solutions in the areas of 2D (Autocad) and 3D (Inventor).
We can import and process all standard file formats and return these to you in any desired format for further processing in other systems.

Do you have a 3D drawing and need a 2D or vice versa?

We can do it for you.

Emulsionsanlage 400l Emulsionsystem 400l
Chemikalien Abfüllanlage: Lauge/Säure/Wasserstoffperoxid/Entkalker Chemical filling plant: lye / acid / hydrogen peroxide / decalcifier
  • 300l Container
  • Cluster System
  • Cluster System detail
  • Truck upload System by K-Tech GmbH

What we do

See some of our works on the left. We design, plants and accessories according to your needs.

K-Tech GmbH also develops completely new systems, parts or accessories adapted to the needs of the customer.

Do you have special requirements? We will find a solution !