Best equipment for best results and highest quality

K-Tech GmbH uses the latest welding technology to achieve the highest quality. An example of this are our orbital welding systems.

TIG orbital welding (= Tungsten Inert Gas) is a semiautomatic welding method during which the arc moves automatically 360 degrees around tubes or fitting components without interruption.

The pulse technology used in this process allows for consistently high welding seam qualities (smooth seams that are very low in welding colours) under controllable conditions in any welding position.

TIG orbital welding provides high process safety and high reproducibility of the welding seams at the least possible error rate with documentation ability of the welding process.

The main fields of application of the TIG orbital welding technique are:

• tube-to-tube connections
• tube-to-fitting connections
• tube-to-tube-sheet connections

Orbital welding system

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